Vocal Music Department

Massillon Washington High School

Massillon, Ohio


2023 – 2024 

The Concert Choir

The Select Choir

The Advanced Choir

The Washingtonians

The Men’s Chorus

The Women’s Chorus

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” Aldous Huxley

 Washington High School Vocal Music Department 330.830.3901 ext. 51500

Director of Choral Activities, Mrs. Kerri Riley 

Assistant Director of Choral Activities, Mr. Nathaniel Teall




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School Code: WashChoir  ➜ Password: Your Student School ID

 (You will then be prompted to change it. Please be sure both student and parent/guardian know the password)

W. H. S. Choir Motto

Remember these ten two-letter words:  “If it is to be, it is up to me.” 

The Washington High School Choir Music Creed 

We believe in music. It is a gift of joy to those who hear it.

It is a builder of one’s spirit, morale, brain and body,

and making music is a worthwhile outlet of thought, energy, and work.

The Washington High School Choir Ubuntu Philosophy

The ethical values of ubuntu include:

 respect for others, helpfulness, community, sharing, caring, trust, and unselfishness.

     Ubuntu comes out of a philosophy that says, the only way for me to be human is for you to reflect my humanity back at me. ” “The common bond of humanity and decency that we share is stronger than any conflict, any adversity. Fighting for your convictions is important. But finding peace is paramount.

Singing in a choral unit is an activity which helps a person to understand the demands and rewards of working with others, uplifts the singer, and creates an end result truly greater than the sum of its parts; a result which ultimately must be shared with others. It is, therefore, each choral singer’s challenge and responsibility to consistently put forth his best efforts to reach ever-increasing goals through every minute of every rehearsal and in every performance, in due respect, support, and encouragement of every other choir member.

The Choir Prayer 

Bless our music, Lord.

It leads us to infinity and back, in search of love.

Bless those who hear us sing.

May we reach out to them, putting a song on their lips,

and bringing joy to their hearts.

Best for you, best for them, best for us.



Dear WHS Choirs,

I can’t wait to start singing. I miss that good feeling singing brings when we work together on a song. I am looking forward to watching your musical and emotional growth as we learn our songs and learn how to work with each other happily efficiently. In one of the lyrics of the song Advanced Choir sang last year and I think, that’s you! 

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams,

Yet we are the movers and shakers, Of the world forever, it seems.”



Shake the challenges that come across your path this year. 

Juniors, as you join with the seniors to create this year’s Advanced Choir, bring your strength and exuberance to create this mighty group! Sophomores, pave your way this year and show ubuntu to our incoming Freshman. Freshman, what will your legacy be? This is your new beginning! Carve your path and create your legacy. Mr. Teall and I are here for you – don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Keep Singing,

Mrs. Riley


Dear WHS Choirs of 2023-2024, 

First off, I hope everyone has enjoyed their time off over the summer and I am excited to start this new year with all of you! My Name is Alexis Nelson or Lexi and this year I was selected to be Choir President. I am highly honored to have been selected as President and I cannot wait to see what is in the future for this year’s choir program! Alongside me, I am very grateful to have a group of other officers to help me and the directors to make this year exciting for everyone in the choir. 

Some goals we have in mind for this year are continuing doing more activities integrating all choirs,  including an event at the end of the year to test your knowledge of how much you know about underclassman. We want everyone to feel comfortable in choir and also have fun. With that in mind, I personally would love to answer any questions, help with any activities, and also listen to anything anyone has to say! Everyone in this choir program has a voice. I would love to hear new ideas and any feedback from anyone who would like to share. 

Even though some days might be hard and you may be tired, try to come to choir everyday with a positive mindset and be ready to give your best effort. If we all try together as a team, we will be able to achieve so much together! I hope everyone has an amazing year and I cannot wait to see what goals our choirs can accomplish together.

Massillon Washington High School Choir Standard

The Washington High School choirs have long been respected, throughout the community and the state, for much more than their singing. This respect stems from an ongoing effort by our membership to foster a special discipline and inner-concern, to allow all members, audiences, and hosts a more pleasant overall experience. Ubuntu, “I am because we are” 

We are very proud of this endeavor, and we wish to continue not only our public image, but also the excellent, respectful relationships our members share. In order to do so, we offer the following guidelines.

A Washington High School choir member is a person who:

– gives all at all times, to a group, a rehearsal, and to another person.

– is aware that his/her behavior affects the reputation and the choir attitude.

– uplifts and encourages rather than pointing out the faults of others.

– is aware that his/her behavior affects the behavior of other choir members.

– treats others as he/she himself/herself wishes to be treated.

– respects, but feels equal to, all other choir members.

– encourages the freedom to display emotional feelings.

– sets high goals for himself/herself, and is able to strive for these goals.

– understands all aspects of concert preparation and etiquette.

– considers the good of the group and others first.

Choir Membership and School Citizenship 

Washington High School choral singers must realize that our choirs occupy a position of great importance and respect in our school and community. This is for good reason — the many years of excellence of our choirs commands respect throughout the state — membership is a privilege.

In order to continue this type of reputation, all members will realize the necessity to individually uphold an outstanding record of citizenship as a student at Washington High School. Choral singers will be expected to strive for the finest academic grade point average they can achieve, and will maintain a positive working relationship with all faculty members. A lackadaisical attitude toward class work or personal relationships with other students will be detrimental to the student’s position in the choir, or even the student’s continued membership in good standing.

When other students think of choir members, they are expected to think of WHS’s best. Therefore, the following activities in school or community are totally incompatible with choir membership:

–  Fighting, frequent use of disrespectful language, vulgarity, or profanity.

–  Repeated detentions, or a suspension.

–  Chemical abuse, including alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products of any kind.

When these behaviors are verified, the choir will take action by suspending the student from a concert or performance. Continued bad citizenship will result in removal from choir and loss of credit.

CHORAL STAFF 2023-2024

President – Alexis Nelson

Vice President  –  Ripley Kemp

Business Manager – Sofia Grisak

Concert Manager – Hunter Adkins

Costume Manager – Loralei Johnson

Facility Manager – Kyler Schindler

Social Chair – Gloria Rivera Hollar

Function of the Executive Council

The elected officers and appointed section leaders of the Advanced Choir, all members of the senior class, along with the elected representatives from the other choirs, will function as the Choral Executive Council. They will aid in formulating policies, plans and projects. The officers and section leaders will meet monthly with the Director and will attend all choral functions. They will arrive early to all rehearsals for preparations. Should an officer fail to remain in choir, or leave the school system during the year, open elections may be held to fill that position at the earliest possible time.

The President will be elected in the spring, and must possess one previous year of Advanced Choir membership. In addition to functioning as a Council member, the President will chair any open meetings deemed necessary, and is responsible for overseeing all choral functions of a rehearsal, performance, tour, social and/or business nature.

The Vice-President, elected annually in the spring, will be the person receiving the second largest number of votes in the Presidential ballot. He/she will function as a Council member, and will act as President in that person’s absence. In addition, he/she will act as liaison to the alumni for all communication.

The role of the Business Manager will include assisting in the organization, distribution of materials including candles & Messiah Books, and delivery in fundraising projects. Also, the Business Manager will work with the director in co-coordinating programs (Messiah bios) and tickets for choir-sponsored events. In addition, this position is in charge of school and community publicity. 

Concert Manager will be in charge of all physical concert and rehearsal arrangements, at both local and remote sites. In addition, many physical and organizational arrangements in tours will be delegated to the manager. He should consult the Director prior to all engagements, and take charge of moving all equipment to the site, set-up and return, including band room and back stage when used.

Costume Manager is the person fully charged with choir dress. He is the solely-authorized person to make arrangements for movement of costumes and cases to and from a concert site; as well, he takes charge of issuance and return of costumes. He will check costumes for hanging problems, and will inform the Director as necessary. He will check and take account that all choir members are dressed according to the handbook. 

Facility Manager will be responsible for the tidy up-keep and visual presentation of the choir room. In addition, the Facility Manager must assist the Concert Manager with all duties leading up to concert preparation.

Social Chairman is responsible for the choir’s social activities, parties, receptions, etc. He will oversee the publicity of the choir, and collect articles and maintain the bulletin boards. 

Underclass Representatives: at the beginning of each school year, the underclass will elect representatives from the choirs to serve on the Choir Executive Council. These representatives will be full participating members of the Council with the exception of the nominating procedure at the end of the year. They will include:  two members each from Advanced Choir, Concert Choir and Select Choir.

Section Leaders: are appointed by the Director – only those from Advanced Choir are members of the Executive Council. Section leaders are directly responsible for taking attendance daily for their section, recording and reporting for infractions of the rules, and accurately keeping record of all assigned items that are due. If a section leader fails to execute these responsibilities, the Director may replace the section leader during the school year. This is a critical position in securing the smooth and efficient running of our choirs.  Section leaders are responsible for helping the Director with attendance at all choral functions and rehearsals.

Student Aides: are selected by the directors at the beginning of the school year. Aides will maintain the organization of the vocal department in all of its functions and support the rehearsal in progress. Basic office skills are needed. Submit your request to the choir office by Thursday, August 24th. 

 “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  

~Berthold Auerbach


Concert Choir 

This group is open to all students of Washington High School, pending an audition with the Director establishing the student’s desire and capability to sing. Basic expectations of membership will include: attendance at duly-scheduled performances; participation to an acceptable level at all times in class; and, fostering an attitude of growth and improvement in both the individual and the group. Failure to maintain expectations and/or the rules of the group will result in loss of membership and credit.

Emphasis in learning will be placed on basic musical skills and vocal production, through a wide variety of literature. A calendar of performances will be established adequate to challenge the present membership. Activities such as the Patron’s Reception, Christmas Concert, Large Group Adjudicated Event, and Spring Concert, will be included, as well as other activities.

Select Choir

Select Choir is an auditioned group of upperclassmen at W.H.S., selected for their vocal ability, attitude, and desire to continue improving in the vocal arts. Standards are higher than those of the Concert Choir. They will perform in several major concerts each year, singing a variety of literature written for choirs. In addition, activities and performances may be added to their schedule.

Emphasis will be placed upon the learning of vocal control, musical and stylistic interpretation, and advancing basic musicianship. It is to be considered a training ground for Advanced Choir. Being an auditioned personnel, high expectations will be maintained; membership is to be consistently earned. The Select Choir represents Washington High School, like the Advanced Choir, as a musical performance organization striving for excellence.

 Advanced Choir 

Only students who can maintain the highest standards of musical excellence through performance will be permitted to hold membership in the Washington High School Advanced Choir. Auditions will be held each spring, at registration time.

Members of the organization will respect the rules, disciplines, demands, integrity, and traditions of this selected group; failure to uphold such will result, at the discretion of the director, in loss of membership and credit. Membership, in short, is to be earned not only through auditions, but repeatedly through daily behavior and attitude.

Emphasis will be placed on a greater mastery of performance skills of a varied repertoire of music from all periods. All activities for other groups will be included on the Advanced Choir calendar, as well as an extensive number of further performances. As a member of Advanced Choir, students will be required to be a member of Men’s and Women’s chorus as part of their grade.

Members of the Advanced Choir are assumed to be people of musical integrity and experience, who are prepared to devote the time and energy necessary for the best experience for themselves, the group, and for the group’s representation of Washington High School. (con’t)





Members will demonstrate continued mastery of skills and music; their behavior, musical and personal growth, and attitude will be constantly monitored. The demands of learning at this skill level and pace of learned repertoire require musical independence and outside preparation for success in large group rehearsals. Students must demonstrate a consistent positive contribution at all times to maintain confirmed group membership.


Especially designed for students wishing for an extremely intense experience in musical theater, singing, and audience communication. This group is extremely exclusive, and will function in show choir style, to serve the needs of community entertainment. This group will maintain some responsibility of out-of-school time for practices and performances, and will be requested to purchase their own outfits. Students will audition, and will be expected to be excellent representatives of the Washington High Choirs at all times. Washingtonians will also be expected to take vocal coaching and take a solo to Solo and Ensemble.

Due to the intense rehearsals, dependence on others in this select group, more than 2 absences in a grading period will result in a lowered letter grade.

Men’s/Women’s Chorus

These groups, consisting of membership from all the choirs, will be offered outside-of-school to give students the additional experience of singing in this type of group, and to allow underclassmen to sing with upperclassmen. As leaders of our choir program, membership is required for Advanced Choir Members. Advanced members will rehearse during class, and will be required at after-school rehearsals. Both Men’s and Women’s Choruses will perform at events throughout the year, and will enter the adjudicated events in the spring. 


All choir members are encouraged to improve their own vocal skills through private and/or small group study. The vocal music office may be a reference to private voice teachers in the community; in addition, coaching will be offered during school, as time permits, by the vocal staff. Students who wish to participate in OMEA Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Event will be given permission to do so only if they are working with a coach. Voice study is essential in preparing students for Washingtonians as well. They will perform their contest selection for the staff at the time of application, no later than four weeks prior to.


Students in all of the choirs are responsible for selling a minimum of 2 tickets for the holiday concert.


Costuming Fee

Students will incur a fee at the beginning of the year to help cover costume cleaning, costume repair,  and supply updating. For Concert Choir and Select Choir, the fee is $30. For Advanced Choir, the fee is $50.00.

For Rehearsal

  • No cell phones out in the rehearsal year
  • No HATS are to be worn.
  • Shoes/sandals must be worn.
  • Men must wear a shirt to all rehearsals.
  • Clothing must be modest.
  • No sunglasses are to be worn.
  • Rehearsal attire must be clean.
  • Follow dress code of the school.

For Performance


  • Borrowed robes or other choir-owned materials must be carefully cared for.
  • Shirt – must be clean, pressed, and tucked-in. (color may be specified for certain events).
  • Shoes – Solid dark dress shoes with dark sole. No high shoes (heel or top). Clean and polished.
  • Tie – dress tie of your choice.
  • Socks – dark socks at a length your skin doesn’t show, conservative colors – NO white!
  • Trousers – black dress pants only – NO jeans!
  • Hair – beards, mustaches and sideburns are neatly trimmed, or shaven. Length of

hair is reasonable and neatly groomed and clean. Hair is of a natural color. Long hair or hair that’s style is in the face, is to be pulled back from the face. No hair should be hanging over the eyebrows. Hair must be trimmed neatly at sides and back. Clipper cuts must be neat, and not in designs.

  • Jewelry – watches and rings are allowed, as long as they do not draw attention to the individual.


  • Borrowed robes or other choir-owned materials must be carefully cared-for.
  • Blouses – a conservative dress shirt of your color choice that must be clean, pressed, and tucked-in. (Color may be specified for certain events). Blouses must have at least a quarter-length sleeve; blouses must not be excessively frilly, see-through, or high necked.
  • Skirts – a dark dress skirt that is at least close to knee length, yet not so long it will show under the hem of robe.
  • Dresses are permitted, and the same guidelines should be applied for length/style as is stated for blouses and skirts.
  • Dress Pants – If you choose to wear pants, The only acceptable pants, for uniformity, are the black palazzo AA performance knit pant, style 516FAA at

Pants should be full floor length when hemmed, as shown in the picture here.

  • Shoes – A black flat ballet shoe is the only acceptable performance shoe. It is not open in any area of the shoe. It has no designs, ties, or jewelry on the shoe. It has a rounded toe. This example here is from Target. (It is recommended that flesh colored “no show” foot liners be worn, to save your feet.)
  • Hair –  Hair must be of a natural color. Excessively long bangs must be pulled back out of eyes. No ribbons, bows, or scarves in the hair. Small barrettes/combs that blend-in with hair color are permitted. Hair cannot impede the view of other choir members.
  • Jewelry – rings, watches, and small, simple earrings and/or necklace are permitted. Earrings that hang 1” from the ears are acceptable; no large designs.
  • Make-up – simple, natural colors. No excessive, dark, or light.

NOTE:  A student in violation of performance dress code

will be pulled from performance,

which in turn will affect their quarter grade.

(P.S. Be proactive with your grade! Talk to your directors

weeks in advance so we can help you with apparel options!!)

Wearing of Blazers

Advanced Choir members will be assigned a choir blazer. The blazer is on loan from the Vocal Department.. Each student is required to take the best care of the blazer while it is in his possession. Anyone damaging or losing the blazer will be financially responsible for replacement cost. All blazers are to be returned at the end of the school year.

Men:  Blazers will be worn with a white dress shirt and the red choir tie. Blue jeans are not to be worn with blazerso. Only dress Khakis in the “classic” style are to be worn (see below)!  Khakis are to be full length. Solid black dress shoes and dress socks are worn with blazers. No type of tennis shoes should be worn. There should be no visible items in the pocket.

Women:  Blazers will be worn with full length dress Khakis. Conservative red blouses which may or may not have a collar  (not sleeveless) are to be worn with blazers. There should be no visible items in the pocket. Solid black, nice dress shoes should be worn. No type of tennis shoes should be worn.

Below are some DOs and DON’Ts:


Blazer Day/Dress-Up Day

Blazer Day/Dress-Up Day will be observed by all choirs on performance days. Any deviation from this procedure will be determined in advance. On BD/DD, blazers are to be worn at all times, during all class periods. Other choir members will dress-up for the day. Girls are to be dressed in dresses or a dressy skirt/pants and blouse (NO miniskirts), and guys are to dress in dress pants, shirt, and tie. Ties must be worn all day. Dress Code is required through all mods of the school day. If the outfit is changed throughout the day, no grade will be earned.



Students are graded on four areas each quarter:

     1. Daily rehearsals (50% of 9 week grade)

     2. Required after school rehearsals (15% of 9 week grade)

     3. Concert participation (20% of 9 week grade)

     4. Written work, recordings/other evaluations  (15% of 9 week grade)


Daily rehearsal grades

         A student begins each rehearsal with four points. Points are deducted through lack of preparation, focus, and discipline. Grades are kept in Sunguard daily and coded in the comment section as follows:

Pinnacle Comment CodeReason for Deducted PointsPoints
TDNot in seat by bell with materials-2
FDoes not have music/folder-2
PENDoes not have a pencil (not a pen) at seat-2
PNot using a singer’s posture-2
OTOff task, lacking focus in rehearsal-2
EElectronics, i.e. phone, airpods, beats-4
GPossession or usage of gum, food, or drink-4
CCClass cut-4
DDisrespect to others-4
MMiscellaneous (description will follow)-2

During School rehearsals

Missed rehearsals during the school day will be made up according to the discretion of the director.

Required after school rehearsals

In addition to daily in-class rehearsals, after school rehearsals are mandatory, and are included as 15% of  the grade. 

Concert attendance is the examination for a co-curricular performance course. When a student is not present, they miss the exam, and it is not possible to recreate the event so the work can be made up.


An excused absence itself will not reduce points, as long as the correct procedures have been followed. A REQUEST TO BE ABSENT FORM must be filled out completely, signed by student and also a parent/guardian, then turned into the director in 10 days in advance. Excused absences require a director’s approval. 

1. An unexcused absence from a rehearsal/concert results in the loss of points from the total quarter grade.

2. To be excused from a rehearsal/concert, the student must present a parent email or phone call no less than 2 weeks prior to the event. The reason for missing the event MUST be detailed on the form so as to not have the form return, thus missing the two week deadline . Absolutely NO excuses are acceptable after the two weeks prior to an event!

3. Excused absences to rehearsal/concert: points may be earned back at the discretion of the director using an alternative assignment. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate with the director the first day upon return to school. Late communications will result in no alternative assignment.

4. Accepted excuses without deduction include:

a. Illness – excused ONLY if the student is absent the day of the concert.       b.UNAVOIDABLE family events such as death in family or wedding.

c. Participation in another school activity, when pre-arranged by both advisors.

            d. Emergency occurrence or accident confirmed with director at the earliest possible time.

5. Unaccepted excuses, with no points earned:

            a. Job/Babysitting

            b. Transportation Problems

c. Events that can be scheduled at other times such as birthday celebrations

d. Observation of other school events.

            e. Vacations without parents, or family vacations without 2 weeks prior notice from parents.

 6. Less than acceptable participation or decorum at a concert-points deducted from the concert total.

Written work or musicianship evaluations will be assigned by the director to assess individual skills. The director will:

         1). Assign appropriate written assignments

         2). Assign graded individual performance assessments reflective of classroom learning

         3). Assessments/projects will not be more than 10% of the overall 9-week grade


Choir Versus a Job

There is no rule that says you cannot have a job and be in choir. If the job does not interfere with choir rehearsals and performances, there is no question about the student working at it.

During summer rehearsals, the director will go along with a student having a job as long as he or she makes an effort to attend a minimal number of rehearsals and cares for absences properly.

Choir, during the school term (Sept.-June) is another matter. When the choir must produce at its peak at all times and be SUPERIOR in every way, students cannot expect to be excused from rehearsals and performances.

A request for absence for a job cannot and will not be honored by your director during the regular school term! Having a job and trying to be active in extra activities at school at the same time is a life situation and you must fulfill your responsibilities to all concerned. Communicate with your employer about your scheduled choir events NOW! Let them know we have a google calendar found on the website. They are included in the Handbook Calendar.

Choir Versus Other Activities

Choir members are not only permitted, but are encouraged to involve themselves in other school activities, such as athletics, music, and clubs. Conflicts between your groups and your choir schedule should be taken to the director as soon as you know about it. They will be resolved in the following manner:

   1). First-scheduled event takes normal precedence.

   2). Re-scheduled events are to be resolved between activity sponsors.

   3). Practice

 time is expected to be shared.

   4). A crucial event (game/meet/concert) always takes precedence over rehearsal/practice.


Due to the nature of our groups, some infractions of rules and/or cases of exhibited bad attitude are serious enough to demand expulsion from group membership. In these cases, the situation will be explained to the member, and the office will be notified.

At any time the choir is together for rehearsal and/or performance, and in transit to and from performances, all school rules are in effect. Any activity which can be considered disrespectful, or can reflect in a negative way upon the group or W.H.S. will be severely punished.

A student earning a grade lower than a C will not participate in Large Group Adjudicated Events. Instead, a written or singing test will be given.

Choir members MUST remain for entire choir programs, even if performing only a portion!


EmergencyIf an emergency illness, accident, or occurrence arises prior to a choir event, text using the Remind app, or call the school number, or the concert site. We want to be responsible for each singer! If you do not appear, we are concerned about you! Emergencies, of course, are excused, but only if we are notified by phone, IN ADVANCE! You should also have a written excuse from a parent or guardian stating the reason for absence when returning to choir the first time after the emergency occurs. 

Justified – A request for absence must be turned-in to the director at least two weeks prior to the absence in regard to a concert, and two weeks prior in regard to a rehearsal. 

Unjustified – Missing any rehearsal, performance, or function without permission to do so. (See earlier notes on grading).

Absence during school – Grades will be affected by attendance. Class attendance in choir is important. A vast majority of the material covered in class cannot be made-up in outside work. School procedures on attendance policy will be adhered-to,  including failure for excessive absences.

Tardiness – Tardiness to any rehearsal, function or performance, will be dealt with in the following manner:

  FIRST FIVE MINUTES:  -10% of earned points for event

  SIX TO FIFTEEN MINUTES: -25% of earned points for event

  SIXTEEN TO THIRTY MINUTES: -50% of earned points for event


It is important that every singer in the choir understand the need for citizenship. As in all cases of group involvement, it is imperative that everyone work together to fund our organization. In recognition of this fact, an award is offered to all singers in good standing within our choirs as a thank you for the effort given to help through fundraising work for your Massillon choirs. An account (found on Charms) is kept in the name of each student who is a Massillon Choir member.


Choral Floral Ball (a formal dance for all qualified singers and their guest)


   1. is in good standing with the choir

   2. has sold at least five items from any fundraiser or donated $40 to Massillon Choirs

   3. Has paid the entrance fee of $10 

A CHOIR MEMBER CAN ATTEND FOR FREE IF HE:  sells his “Fair Share” (10 items) 

  • If a student has not met the above qualifications to attend for free, a student may pay $10 or use $10 from his student account, (if the funds are available) to attend the Choral Floral Ball.
  • All guests who are non-choir members will be charged $15.00 to attend.


1.  Students have the opportunity to participate in several fundraising events each year. The major fundraising projects are:

       Popcorn Sales Concessions Candy Bars           Dips

   Sign and Decal sales     Patrons Dinner Holiday Concert

2.  A parent working a shift at basketball concessions can minimize the cost of Choral Floral, vocal coaching, etc. The maximum contribution for parent work each school year is $100. (Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Event, Patrons Dinner, Messiah are exempt)

Student fundraising money may be used for the following:

  • Trips by the choir
  • Photos offered by the choir
  • Recordings of concerts in any form
  • Debts to the choir office
  • T-shirts offered by the WHS Choirs
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Solo & Ensemble Adjudicated Event
  • Balance, after deposit, for Washingtonians Outfit


In order to receive awards at the end of the year; to participate in the Choral Floral Ball; to go on a tour; to receive end-of-year awards from the choir; or participate in any extra, non-required choir activity, a student must be in good standing as a choir member.

A student is not in good standing with the choir if:

        – A debt is owed to the choir.

        – School citizenship record and/or choir rehearsal/performance record is in trouble.

        – The student’s citizenship record shows failure to assist/participate in extra choir projects.

           ***Special Note:  For tour participants, work for the tour fundraisers is required.

The Vocal Music Department supports each member. The amount of money invested in materials is vast, and we allow all students to use these materials. It is for this reason that every choir member must do their duty to the choirs with their best efforts to assist in fundraising.


The Massillon Washington High School Choir Parent Boosters are vital to the success of our program. This group of dedicated parents support their children and the music staff by managing fundraising, organizing student events, and giving financial support to the choral program, to name a few. Please consider attending the monthly meetings and be a part of something grand! Many hands make light work.




September 9 November 7 February 10 April 6

    Please feel free to contact a booster officer if you have questions!

Amanda Teall  

Liz Myers

Nancy Aguon