Advanced Choir

Advanced Choir 2022-2023

Only students who can maintain the highest standards of musical excellence through performance will be permitted to hold membership in the Washington High School Advanced Choir. Auditions will be held each spring, at registration time.

Members of the organization will respect the rules, disciplines, demands, integrity, and traditions of this selected group; failure to uphold such will result, at the discretion of the director, in loss of membership and credit. Membership, in short, is to be earned not only through auditions, but repeatedly through daily behavior and attitude.

Emphasis will be placed on a greater mastery of performance skills of a varied repertoire of music from all periods. All activities for other groups will be included on the Advanced Choir calendar, as well as an extensive number of further performances.

Members of the Advanced Choir are assumed to be people of musical integrity and experience, who are prepared to devote the time and energy necessary for the best experience for themselves, the group, and for the group’s representation of Washington High School.

Members will demonstrate continued mastery of skills and music; their behavior, musical and personal growth, and attitude will be constantly monitored. The demands of learning at this skill level and pace of learned repertoire require musical independence and outside preparation for success in large group rehearsals. Students must demonstrate a consistent positive contribution at all times to maintain confirmed group membership.

Members of the Advanced Choir are also required to participate in Men’s and Women’s Chorus.