Concert Choir

Concert Choir 2022-2023

This group is open to all Freshman students of Washington High School, pending an audition with the director to establish the student’s desire and capability to sing. Basic expectations of membership will include: attendance at duly­ scheduled performances; participation to an acceptable level at all times in class, and, fostering of an attitude of growth and improvement in both the individual and the group. Failure to maintain expectations and/or the rules of the group will result in loss of membership and credit.

Emphasis in learning will be placed on basic musical skills and vocal production, through a wide variety of literature. A calendar of performances will be established adequate to challenge the present membership. Activities such as the Patron’s Reception, Christmas Concert, Large Group Adjudicated Event, and Spring Concert, will be included, as well as other optional opportunities to challenge all.

Students in Concert Choir may also participate in Men’s and Women’s Chorus.