Men’s Chorus – 2016 State Contest Information

The WHS Men’s Chorus will be competing at the OMEA State Adjudicated Event on Friday, April 29 2016 at Jackson High School.  Information for the participants is below.


3:15pm – Meet at WHS Choir Room for Attendance
3:30pm – Depart WHS via bus
3:45pm – Arrive at Jackson High School
4:25pm – Leave homeroom
4:30pm – Warmup
4:50pm – Performance in auditorium
6:00pm – Buses depart JHS
6:20pm – Arrive at WHS

Contest Expectations and Information

  • Report on time to all scheduled activities and choir calls; loss of points will be assigned to latecomers.
  • Keep in mind that at all times you are representing our choirs and Washington High School. You MUST be on your best behavior – any reported trouble will be dealt with severely.
  • Make sure you THINK before you act or speak – and, if there is any question, ASK!! We WILL be the best group of young people at the contest – behavior, demeanor, and sportsmanship.
  • All choir members will go with the choirs on buses to attend the competition together!  ONLY special permission will be given for private transportation, early departure, etc. This must be arranged PRIOR to contest day, and a significant reason must be presented by the parent.
  • Sportsmanship includes every other choir present. Be supportive of other choirs in your speech and behavior.
  • The following Dress Code is in effect:
    • Black shoes, black socks, black pants, white dress shirt, and black bow tie (underclassmen will receive black bow ties the day of the event).
  • Thursday – Men’s Chorus T-Shirt Day
  • Friday is Dress-Up Day at school (Men’s Chorus only).
  • All students are expected to stay for the full planned time.
  • Food will be available for purchase at Jackson High School. If you are seen outside the building, you will be suspended.
  • Your parents and friends are most certainly invited to hear us sing. However, remind them of the following important OMEA rules, subject to school disqualification:
    1. “Improper behavior, unsportsmanlike conduct, destruction of property or smoking in the building by participants will disqualify and organization.”
    2. Persons enter performance rooms only between performances.
    3. Home room is left in clean, neat condition, exactly as found.
    4. NO CAMERAS and/or TAPE RECORDERS are allowed at contest!


Download the handout