Keep Singing

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Each year, thousands of high school seniors graduate and leave vocal music behind as they head off to college.  A new initiative, The Keep Singing Project, wants to help students continue their choral participation through college and even into adulthood.

The Keep Singing Project attempts to do this in two ways:

  1. Inviting high school chorus seniors to participate by completing an online form
  2. Providing students shared information to the choir director(s) at their chosen college/university or local community choir who can then reach out to them about singing at the next level

As they say on their website – Taking part in a choir is so often initiated by a simple invitation to join!

The Keep Singing Project began in 2014 as an initiative of the Michigan School Vocal Music Association (MSVMA), and it has since expanded to all fifty states. And, remember – you don’t need to be a music major to participate in vocal music at college!

For more information visit The Keep Singing Project on the web: