Dear Choir Alumni,

This year our choirs have been focused and excited for this year’s new take on messiah. Unlike years previous, this year will be truly unique in many ways. Making this year’s Messiah a big step for our program, and we want to invite you to join us on this journey. The choirs have been working since June to make this year’s Messiah better than years previous. Choir members are overjoyed to meet the people who passed on the tradition to them and to hear the stories from your high school experiences. We hope you will come back and perform on stage as a Massillon choir member again. Let’s make this year’s Messiah one for the books!

Zoey Paulus
Choir President

This year’s preparations for our Messiah performance have been very successful. We work efficiently to perfect each song with focus, energy, and dedication. Our Freshman are adapting well to the atmosphere that surrounds our choir, and as upperclassmen we are making them feel welcome. We strive to show leadership and carry on the tradition that you have set before us. Our choir directors, Mr. Cannon and Mrs. Riley, work hard each day to improve our skills as individuals and as a group. As sophomores, we feel we have improved a lot since last year in singing capability and overall work ethic. There are always some issues when it comes to working with more difficult music, but we are always ready to accept the challenge. In the coming months, please anticipate further updates regarding Massillon Choir Alumni rehearsals. We are excitedly awaiting for you to rejoin our choir family!

Lauren Neel and Zach Hamilton
Select Choir Representatives

Being in advanced choir for the first year, it is already a great experience. We are learning how to sing better and better everyday, and we are getting to know our voices more and more as the school year continues. We have learned multiple new pieces for our upcoming concerts, and some of them are challenging. This year is very special to me, I have made some new friends in the advanced choir, and it’s only the beginning of the school year. We feel very glad to be apart of an organization that carries on such an amazing tradition. We look forward to seeing all of you for this years Alumni!

Maddi Price and TJ Robinson
Advanced Choir Representatives

On behalf of all of the freshman, we are all looking forward to this new adventure in high school and choir. As we all start the rest of our lives this freshman year, we are eager to work with all of the classes above us and want to learn as much as we can from them and our directors. We all are excited for our high school experience and to move up from Jr high. We can’t wait to go through this year and have fun and learn something.

Tatiauna Nelson and Michael Mercurio
Concert Choir Representatives