A Letter from the Director

Dear Massillon Choir Family,

It’s time for a brand new year! With that being said, we are working on so many brand new things and we are excited to share them with you! In these short two months, we have already performed our first concert. Alumni know this to be Feast for Five or many other names from the past. This year, we added a new twist to the feast this year, our first annual Chili Cookoff. Over 16 chilis entered the competition, and were taste tested by a panel of judges! 

Our students have grown tremendously since August and I am overwhelmed by their capabilities. After losing the assistant position in 2012, we, as a choral program, have worked hard to see the program grow back. We have, since, seen the position return and moved forward from the transitions in years past! Having been here for five years now, I am excited to see it continue to grow!

After a year and a half of work, we are proud to promote our new Christmas Spectacular holiday celebration! As stated in the past, there were several issues that arose with keeping our Messiah tradition. We have brainstormed many  ideas and there were several resounding ideas that we kept returning to for this event. The first “must” in this program was to hold dear to our alumni. We are keeping the first half of this program dedicated to our Massillon roots, as this will mark the 76th presentation of Handel’s Messiah has been performed in some aspect on our stage. The other “must” was to involve family and community. This was key in developing the second half of our program. We want to draw out our Massillon community to join us in the performance with pieces that are familiar and not familiar to evoke the Christmas season. We want to continue to put on a performance that most you regarded as the start of the season! We hope that you will stay for the 2nd half and let us perform for you a variety of holiday favorites with all high school students and even the 8th grade students. 

Excitement is definitely an understatement when it comes to our feelings for this program. There are many new facets to this program adding to our Massillon tradition that already exists! I hope that you will come out and sing with us once again, and enjoy being back on that stage that so many of you have created memories on as we continue to create memories for our current students. 

We are still offering vocal coaching in our program, a unique aspect unfamiliar to most high schools. Over 50 of our students have committed to our vocal coaching program! This is exciting news as our singers aim for their high standards in this program! Our vocal coaches this year are: Alumnus Kathleen Bachtel (a former Tiger choir member), Mr. Gary Smith, a retired music teacher with years of private vocal experience,  and new to our team this year, Mr. Andrew Bolden, a composer and music leader at St. Timothy’s Church. We have great faith that these coaches will continue helping our students grow in their musical ability. 

We are actively engaged in music making which always makes for an exciting year! We are also close to unveiling our new Choir Obie, as well! I, personally, thank you for your support for this amazing choral program and all that you do! Feel free to stop by and see any of our concerts both in school and out of school! If you do, feel free to introduce yourself as I love hearing about the legacy and past of The Massillon Choirs! Be sure to get your registrations in by November 20th. Bring a friend, and mark the dates on your calendar! I look forward to seeing you in the rehearsal and on stage!  


Robert Cannon